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Confidence starts on the INSIDE

Confidence starts on the INSIDE.

It is a game changer.

BUT For years, I really struggled with confidence..... Even if all the quotes shouted to ‘BE CONFIDENT’ and ‘LOVE MYSELF’ but I never really dig into HOW to do that.

Today, I want to share a few things that have helped me along the way. And maybe, they might help you too

1. Don’t join in negative self talk. For some weird societal reason, women bond over tearing themselves down (‘oh my god my thighs!’ ‘Oh I am so stupid!’). But our words become our actions and these things matter. Skip it. SURROUND WITH POSITIVE TRIBES.

2. Set boundaries and honor them. Say NO when you want to — even if you worry people will be mad at you. Confidence is about knowing you, the REAL you, is worthy of love. Even WHEN you say no sometimes.

3. Allow yourself time to REFLECT before you REACT. There are a lot of strong voices out there in the world, and sometimes it can get hard to find our inner voice when everyone else is shouting. Especially for us PEOPLE PLEASERS.

4. Start SMALL. So if you want to wear a bikini but haven’t in years, try wearing it around your house first. Then your yard. Then to the pool. Let yourself ease into things. THEN #wearthebikini

I’m still learning myself. But it’s a journey I absolutely know is worth it. I’d LOVE to know your tips too. I’m so gosh darn glad we’re in this together.

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