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Cellulite is SEXY

For years, I thought if I GOT RID of my CELLULITE, made myself smaller, looked like other girls and hid who I was that I would be HAPPY.

So I did what others did.

I cut calories (before I even knew what they were) I shrank. And then I SHRANK some more. And I waited 🙇🏽‍♀️.... for that joy, for that feeling of confidence.

Whats the best cellulite treatment? CONFIDENCE

It didn’t come. IT NEVER CAME. Not even at my smallest. None of these things made me feel BETTER about MYSELF.

They actually made me feel WORSE. I was anxious, worried and caught up in wanting to be someone I wasn’t.

And now, years later, I am softer, squishier, healthier and happier.

I weigh more.

But my heart is lighter.

Because here’s the thing I learned the hard way, The thing that magazines never tell you:

BODY IMAGE starts on the inside.

It does.

Being comfortable with everything that you are- that requires mental work.

Internal 👏🏽 heavy 👏🏽lifting 👏🏽

Where minute by minute, day by day, you remind yourself how INCREDIBLE you are.

And how your WORTH,

your VALUE as a human,


doesn’t CHANGE even when your body does.

So today, I no longer measure WHO I AM as a woman against whatever is or isn’t happening with my body.

And I try daily to extend the same kindness to other women, to provide them support, to help them with self-love, to welcome them into a community that cares.

You deserve it... you deserve the world! Because you ARE wonderful.

You ARE incredible.


You ARE loved.

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